Today we launched

· Salvete, omnes!

Computers compatible with 100% libre GNU/Linux distros

Today we have launched the shop in Chile. We offer encrypted computers compatible with 100% libre GNU/Linux distributions, ideal for hackers, activists, whistleblowers, journalists or anyone looking for privacy, security and freedom.

Read the announcement.

Our machines are liberated at the firmware level using hackware-boot, a coreboot distribution customised for

Read the hackware-boot release announcement.

Additionally, proprietary hardware (wireless controller) have been replaced by libre ones, ensuring the proper functioning of libre systems like Debian GNU/Linux, Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, etc.

All documentation and code resulting from this work will always be released under libre or public domain licenses. For more information, please visit the Hacktivista, escuela de t├ęcnica y cultura hacker's website.

We encourage you to share and cooperate with your community, and to keep your data protected from intruders, companies, governments, etc.

Happy hacking!