Terror Emacs

· Salvete, omnes!

A simple Emacs setup for the terror of academic life

Terror Emacs is a simple and functional configuration of GNU Emacs aimed at academic use, mainly for the creation of technical articles, presentations, notes, literary programming and reproducibility. It allows working with multiple formats (TeX, org, markdown) and exporting to many others (odt, pdf, html, epub and probably any format useful to humans using the power of Pandoc).

Terror Emacs is not intended as a feature-rich distribution, but as a simple working environment for plain text. However, it can serve as a base for more complex configurations if you have a bit of Emacs Lisp skills. In case you need more functionality, or a straightforward IDE, it is highly recommended to check out the following distributions:

Many ideas have been taken from the System Crafters EFS:

# Some features

# Dependencies

On Debian GNU/Linux:

# apt install git emacs fonts-jetbrains-mono elpa-pdf-tools

With GNU Guix:

$ guix install git emacs font-jetbrains-mono emacs-pdf-tools

# Optional

The following tools are optional and serve to open files from dired. They can be replaced by any other of preference by changing them in the corresponding section at the end of the config file.

On Debian GNU/Linux:

# apt install sxiv mpv

With GNU Guix:

$ guix install sxiv mpv

# Installation

If any previous Emacs configuration exists, remove or move it:

$ mv .emacs.d/ old-emacs-d

Clone and rename this repo at ~/:

$ git clone https://notabug.org/dlmayhem/terror-emacs.git .emacs.d

Run Emacs et voilĂ  !

Once all the required packages have been installed, all that remains is to run the following command within Emacs:

M-x all-the-icons-install-fonts

Happy hacking!